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Tombi (To the Circling Kites)

Single / 21st October 2022

Tombi (To the Circling Kites)

Tombi (To the Circling Kites) is the second single from Kyoto EP, the second of four multimedia projects documenting experiences in Japanese cities.

The track escapes the downtown bustle of Shijō bridge and gives thought to the soaring Black Kites above, reflecting on the negative attitude to the bird despite its sacred status in historical texts.

Track list

  1. Tombi (To the Circling Kites) – 06:13


Download and streaming.

Included on Kyoto EP, special edition cassette. Includes mini fold-out locations map, track-by-track notes and translations, diary and ephemera gallery, holographic sticker. Quantity: TBC

Included on Kyoto EP, one-off lathe-cut vinyl edition. Quantity: 1


Friday 21st October, 2022.
UPC 198004 621441
Catalogue OTSN-02-B, published by Obvious Things. © All rights reserved.


Written, produced & mixed by Simon Collison.
Mastered by Simon Mills (One Half of Bent).
Artwork by Simon Collison & Geri Coady.

All samples recorded in Kyoto in 2016 and 2018.
Additional spoken word by an anonymous acquaintance of Yusuke Sumida.

Site Nonsite

Site Nonsite is a project researching and documenting a connection to place. The site is the source, a place rich with scattered information and experiences; the nonsite is the resulting document, a multimedia abstraction of that place. (These guiding thoughts are adapted from land artist Robert Smithson’s 1968 Theory of Non-Sites .)