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A Different Kind of Light

Single / 10th March 2023

A Different Kind of Light

A Different Kind of Light is the lead single from Osaka EP, the third of four multimedia projects documenting experiences in Japanese cities.

The track is a theme for a city fizzing with an almost sci-fi intensity at its centre, a city so big that its edges are blurred. The track bathes in the neon signage that illuminates with an effervescent resonance reflecting the cultural uniqueness of Osakans.

Track list

  1. A Different Kind of Light – 05:40


Download and streaming.

Included on Osaka EP, special edition cassette. mini fold-out locations map, track-by-track notes and translations, diary entries, holographic sticker and replica Grand Sumo program. Quantity: TBC

Included on Osaka EP, one-off lathe-cut vinyl edition. Quantity: 1


Friday 10th March, 2023.
UPC 198015 641544
Catalogue OTSN-03-A, published by Obvious Things. © All rights reserved.


Written, produced & mixed by Simon Collison.
Mastered by Simon Mills (One Half of Bent).
Artwork by Simon Collison & Geri Coady.

All samples recorded in Osaka in 2016 and 2018.

Site Nonsite

Site Nonsite is a project researching and documenting a connection to place. The site is the source, a place rich with scattered information and experiences; the nonsite is the resulting document, a multimedia abstraction of that place. (These guiding thoughts are adapted from land artist Robert Smithson’s 1968 Theory of Non-Sites .)

“A Different Kind of Light, shows a musical maturity that might not be expected for only a third release.” — Colin Walker.