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Kyoto EP


EP / 4th November 2022



Single / 21st October 2022

Moss Garden

Moss Garden

Single / 7th October 2022

Hiroshima EP


EP / 6th May 2022

Shimmering City

Shimmering City

Single / 29th April 2022


“For any fans of electronic music with Japanese Ambient aesthetics, I can strongly recommend you catch up with this beautifully curated series of albums produced by the Nottingham-based artist.” — Lippy Kid
“The right music stops time. That's what this EP does for me. It feels like Spring or Autumn, the seasons changing but changing as they always have done. It's familiar and magical in equal measure.” — Pete Clark.
“Simon Collison created something that's hard to encapsulate. In one breath, it's an EP of atmospheric music, but as you dig deeper you find it's a diary, a love letter and a reflection, a different way to experience a place.” — Chris Glass.
“A truly moving artwork, incredibly evocative. The music alone is wonderful, but put together with the stories and artefacts it becomes a deeper experience; it almost feels like we’re intruding on something very personal.” — Andy Moorhouse.
“A wonderful and poignant mix of electronica and environmental ambient, the third track, Paper Cranes, is an especially emotional listen.” — Colin Walker